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An Economy that works- Job creation and America’s future

Now that the immediate crisis regarding the debt ceiling has passed, politicians are focused on one thing: Jobs.  As expected, there is legitimate disagreement on what can be done to improve the nation’s unemployment rate.  Reducing burdensome regulation, offering tax incentives to job creators, creating an infrastructure bank, and simplifying the corporate tax code have … Continue reading

Can the Middle Class Be Saved?

The Atlantic has a great article from its latest edition titled “Can the Middle Class be Saved?”. This was a great read and really presents a comprehensive picture of what has happened to the middle class in post-war America.  I think it’s largely non-partisan, save for a call to return to some previously higher levels … Continue reading

The S&P Downgrade – The Actual Report

You could listen to the talking heads explain why America’s debt was downgraded, or you could just read the report yourself. The report is mainly an indictment of the current political climate in Washington.  It takes no position on methods to improve our fiscal situation (tax increases, spending cuts), nor does it imply endorsement of … Continue reading

The United States – no longer AAA

There’s no shortage of commentary on the S&P Downgrade.  Here’s a few analyses that I found interesting. Jeff Macke lays out the case for why United States deserved the downgrade. Our GDP is under 2%, our unemployment rate is over 9% and both numbers are likely much worse than advertised. Our nation turned our desperate … Continue reading